Mapping Project: Flesh and Stone

Flesh and Stone

 “Flesh and Stone” conjoins a birthmark and a tomb (the earthquake-destroyed and concrete encased town of Gibellina, Sicily) to indirectly map an island and my relation to a heritage. Graphite rubbings and tracings are the initial mark making processes that generate these drawings. As indexical marks, they embody aspects of both documentation and absence - something I relate to the buried town of Gibellina and my distant heritage. The drawing approach that follows is a layered use of line, tonality and erasure into the two surfaces that inform the work. 

Maps, ranging from geological formations to celestial bodies, invite me into a realm of memory and imagination. Although these drawings are anchored in very specific sources, it’s the intimations of ritual, religion, folklore, and the superstitions of Sicily that stir my curiosity. The literal coordinates of the birthmark and tomb transition into the poetry of evocative mapping.

All Drawings:  2009.  8 1/4 x 11 3/4" inches.  Graphite on paper.

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